Ever wondered what products we offer at Or about the equipment we use to create our products? This site will serve as a training and reference tool for anyone interested in learning more about what we do and how we do it.

  • HP LX800 Printer - Go Green!

    Utilize the latest in green printing technology with our HP LX800, using water-based latex inks with no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)! Choose from a range of recyclable HP media, and offer your clients responsible solutions for all of their printing needs!

    Resolution (Dots per inch): 1200 dpi For special jobs, there are special printers. Vehicle wraps need an ink that can stretch during the mounting process without cracking, so our HP LX800s use a water-based HP Latex ink that softens the surface of the print medium. This allows for a better install and better durability for your vinyl images.

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  • Vutek QS2000 Printer

    Resolution (Dots per inch): 1080 dpi Our Vutek QS2000s are capable of printing on almost anything. The Vuteks can print in six colors on both flexible and rigid materials with HD quality. The Vutek QS2000s can handle material over 10 feet wide and two inches thick, and can even print with white ink, giving you the fullest range of options for your projects. We use our Vuteks for banners, trade show graphics, point-of-purchase displays, and even large glass and mirror projects.

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  • Hewlett-Packard Solvent XL 1500 Flexible Printer

    Resolution (Dots per inch): 740 dpi There are banners, and then there are BANNERS. Our HP XL 1500s can print on a variety of substrates: vinyl, mesh, canvas, even carpet! And no job is too large for our XL 1500s: they print jobs up to sixteen feet wide with almost any length. The oversized capacity is matched by color-producing powers: an 8-color process with solvent-based inks means you will have vivid, durable images every time.

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  • Durst Rho 600 UV Ink Printer

    Resolution (Dots per inch): 400 dpi Need a sign that combines visibility with durability? Our Durst Rho 600 printers use UV-cured inks that are waterproof, weather resistant, and environmentally safe. These printers can also handle the longest jobs: signs up to two metres wide with no limit on length! We use our Dursts to print everything, from street signs to bank signs.

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  • Roland XC-540 Eco-Solvent Printer

    Resolution (Dots per inch): 720 dpi The Roland XC-540 is the perfect tool for stunning indoor and outdoor vinyl graphics, decals, and more. Our Rolands deliver bold, vibrant, dot-free images, perfectly cut to specifications.

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  • M&R Saturn 3040 Platinum Screen Printer

    Some signs are so good, you can’t print just one! When you need a custom sign duplicated, our Saturn 3040 screen-printing unit is up for the job. Printed with UV ink for a rich, high-gloss look, these signs are visible and durable, lasting 2-3 years outdoors.

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  • GraphTec FC7000 Cutting Pro

    The FC7000 is a high-performance cutting plotter designed for all types of signage finishing. This is just the ticket for vivid spot-color signage, menu boards, indoor and outdoor banners, window and vehicle lettering, directional signage and more. Cut vinyl is an affordable solution for various applications and usages.

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  • Zund L3000 CV

    The state-of-the-art Zund L3000 CV offers precision cutting on a wide variety of materials, from kiss-cutting vinyl to routing acrylic sheets, aluminum plates, and even tile! At nearly 10' long, we can create spectacular custom cut-outs of life-size images, and almost anything else you can imagine!

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  • GBC Orca Laminators

    These wide format laminators are capable of laminating and encapsulating up to 64" wide! You can choose from multiple finishes including Gloss, Matte, Scratch Laminate, Permaflex, and Dry Erase for whatever end result you need.

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