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What are vehicle wraps?

Vehicle wraps are color digital prints that are affixed to cars, vans, trucks, buses or other vehicles. They are more vivid and eye-catching than traditional cut vinyl letters. Color digital printing technology allows businesses to put virtually any image on vehicles including photos, logos, and text. The image is first designed using computer software, then the image is printed on an adhesive vinyl material and finally the prints are installed onto the vehicles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Satisfied Customers

Steven Feldmann, Owner

PuroClean of Cedar Rapids

"The car wraps look awesome. 
We’ll be quite proud to drive this truck around. Look out Servpro, PuroClean is in town."

Drazan Kozul, Owner

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Nashville

"We have the same decals on our trucks from 4 years ago and they remain in almost perfect condition. They have treated our business as a priority and always go above and beyond."

Michelle Amison, Owner

Tiff's Treats of Austin

"Great quality, fast turnaround, and an overall amazing service. Can't praise the team enough for the work they have done for us. Thank you so much!"

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Why consider using vehicle wraps for advertising?

Some folks might be wondering - why should I consider a vehicle wrap? For the most part, the vast majority of vehicle graphics are purchased by businesses that are looking to get the biggest bang for the buck advertising.  Businesses with delivery or service vehicles are particularly well positioned to utilize vehicle wraps since their vehicles are always being driven around town and in front of new potential customers.

What to look for in a vehicle wrap & fleet wrap provider.

Do they have full-time expert designers? Many local large-format print shops employ production people to create graphics, but many of these printers do not have even one full-time graphic design expert. Be sure to ask. If you already have the exact graphics at the exact resolution and at the exact size that you need, then you may not need a graphic design expert. However, if you’re like most customers and need some work done to your file to make it print ready or need a design made from scratch, then working with a graphic design expert is essential.  Please be sure to look at some images of previous work that they have done. And be specific to ask whether or not the provider's designer did the design or if the printer provider just printed what a customer had already designed.

At what resolution does the provider print their graphics? Avoid using a provider that prints in low resolution to skimp on costs. To maximize your satisfaction, you should ask for prints with a minimum resolution of 600dpi. Why pay money for a blurry wrap? Don't settle for lower resolutions. Be sure to ask!

Does the provider use top quality materials & inks?  Make sure your provider uses top-quality vinyl materials with OEM inks.

Does the wrap provider use full-time expert installers? Along with design, materials, and inks - you also want to make sure that the prospective graphics provider uses top quality installers. What good does it do you to have wonderful graphics made - only to watch them get butchered when they are put on your vehicle? Some printers just use some of their hourly production people to go out back and throw on vehicle graphics when they occasionally get an order. We know that you can do better.
Often, vehicle wrap and fleet wrap customers have their own artwork that they would like to use for their wraps and ask us what our file requirements are. Below we outline our recommendations:
  • Provide any placed images that are associated with the artwork.
  • Supply all fonts used or convert fonts to outlines.
We support the latest version of Adobe CS. Vector format (.EPS or Ai)  is preferred as these will enlarge to any size with no change in quality. For raster images (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, GIF etc.) we suggest providing an image that is a minimum of 72-100 dpi at final output size. If the image is smaller than the output size, then the dpi must be correspondingly higher. If you ever have any questions, then we always recommend just contacting us via phone or email so that we can assist you.

What are the file requirements for the artwork?

How long will the wrap last?

Our wraps generally last 3-5 years.

What is the turnaround time?

We can print and ship a job in as little as one day, so most of the turnaround time depends on how long it takes you to decide on the artwork and how quickly we can schedule our install team in your area. Contact us to discuss your job and we can give you a quick estimate of your turnaround time.

What locations do you serve?

We currently serve the entire United States and Canada.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

There are several factors than determine the cost of a wrap. Please contact us today for an accurate quote.

Which windows can have graphics, and will I still be able to see through the windows?

The window graphics are printed on a perforated material that allows the occupants to see out of the windows.
The roof is included for most automobiles. We do not wrap roofs on SUVs, trucks or vans unless the customer requests it.

Is the roof included?

What if I want to change my logo or phone number on my wrap at a later time

This is not a problem. We can produce overlays with the new logo or phone number to go over the previous ones.  

What types of vehicles can you wrap?

We can wrap all types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, trailers, and even boats. If you’re not sure about your vehicle, then please contact us today to find out if we can wrap it.

How do I get started?

Please contact us today for a fast, friendly and free quote.


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